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by Charles Jansen / Travel June 24, 2016

10 Reasons to Visit Cuba this Year

Miles of white sand beaches, small tucked away towns, striking architecture, clear blue waters and the best cigars in the world are all found in the lovely country of Cuba. With an ease on travel restrictions for Americans to this Island we have conjured up the top ten reasons you need to visit Cuba this year. From tours of working tobacco farms to world heritage sites to American classic cars that take you back to the 1950’s visitors will feel as though they have stepped back in time when they enter this country. The people of Cuba are really the treasure of this island with their lively culture, beautiful creativity and welcoming hospitality. If you are a return tourist to Cuba; you know just how amazing it is and perhaps this article will uncover a few new things to discover. For the Cuba newbie’s; get ready to explore how fabulous this country is with the top ten reasons to visit Cuba this year.


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