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by Team Fresku / Stories August 24, 2016

A letter to my son.

“Know what you want”

I used to be ashamed of my-self. Even though I had a strong sense of what I wanted and where I wanted to go, Even though I never ever had any bad intentions towards anyone. I never intent to do anyone nor anything any harm. In retrospect, I always felt an urge to make a difference. As a kid I found joy in pushing myself and others to be the best we could be in everything we do, instead of playing video games. I was that kid…I was the one to come up with daring idea’s. I was the one to bring friends and family together to create or do whatever.


Still I felt ashamed;…my family used to publicly tell stories of how I’m always the one to be outside of the flock. Yup…when we went out as a family…I would be the one walking all the way up front or way in the back, doing my own thing; the ‘black sheep’. Some of my siblings even took it personal for a while thinking that I didn’t wanted to be a part of the family. So anytime or every time these stories were told; a part of me would make it my job to stop being me. Cause I didn’t want anyone to feel bad…I started to be ashamed of the ‘black sheep’ in me. I sometimes literally forced myself to walk in the same pace as the rest, so I won’t end up in front nor the back. I found myself struggling with this till I was about 23. I knew exactly what my heart’s burning desire was, but yet I did my best to fit the flock.

If life is about choices, learn to trust your heart…

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I also believe that the universe has it’s own way of giving you the opportunities to be your true self every day. Life is all about choices, they say. I say; If your not true to yourself…you might wake up one day feeling lost, unhappy, insecure and confused.

It all starts with knowing what you truly want. You don’t have to wait for years and end up depressed(like me), for you to realize that you are to free to be free; be your-self.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.58.43


Know what you want, but you might want to know your-self first. The more time you spend knowing your-self, the more you learn to identify what you want. You might first identify what you don’t want, no problem…it’s a start. If life is about choices, learn to trust your heart…Cause 9 out of 10 times you’ll know in your heart what you truly want. For it has been placed there for a reason a divine purpose. And when you feel unsure: talk to God. If you don’t feel like praying: write it… However you do it… Speak your heart, seek…you will find.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.03.58

Son, don’t believe what I tell you…Just make sure you live a life that doesn’t disappoint you. Be all…and I mean; all that you can be. And if you are happy, I am.

Now go and Be #gsmemiss.

Love You,…

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