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Fashionable, stylish, bold, inspiring, up-to–date, witty, original, outspoken, sober, personal, and recognizable are the basic principles of ‘Fresku’. These values are used by Fresku to form the foundation of the magazine, with fashion and lifestyle at its base. Fresku focuses on accessibility, and provides a portable translation of trends and lifestyle, to inspire the target audience in each area.

The fact that there remains a large pool of undiscovered talent in Curacao, and that Curaçao lacks a medium that focuses on both the creative industry, the growing demand for sustainable products, and integration of several forms of media, makes Fresku a creative and unique platform for this top talent, and also a unique, desirable, creative and inspiring platform for the audience.

Fresku will affect the whole life of the target audience, inspiring them to be chic, smart, and modern. With intelligent, in-depth topics, and a razor-sharp tongue towards everyday life puzzles, fashion, and lifestyle. Fresku readers will not just build a personal style, but personal strength, and motivation to be the very best they can be. Providing a high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine platform that portrays photography, fashion and art in a distinct way, by the best photographers, artists and writers from Curacao.

Fresku inspires and gives the reader information, and advice on fashion and lifestyle. It offers relaxation, amusement, entertainment and recognition. The magazine renews, and analyzes fashion trends, and makes these accessible to the target audience. It offers international allure with a down-to-earth approach.

-“We’re piecing together the daily puzzle called life, and are bringing the cosmopolitan lifestyle to the island.” –


FreskuDaily.com is Fresku magazine’s sassy sister. Next to the magazine we have a supporting blog/website with updated, and related magazine content posts. Every day we will surprise the reader on several occasions, delight and move them with the most inspiring articles, and topics related to Curacao, and from all over the world.

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