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by Team Fresku / Stories February 14, 2018


Although most believe that finding true love in a traditional way is not possible nowadays, we defied the odds. I will start from the very beginning, when we first met up for a drink after I had been liking him from a distance for a decade. No joke, a decade. Although it was a friendly encounter, I was pretty nervous. I mean, seriously. Ten years of having a crush on one particular person and you finally get the chance to sit down with him for a drink. Wouldn’t you be a tiny little bit nervous?!

We had a nice conversation while enjoying our drinks at a local bar along the beach. He seemed like a very nice guy, the conversation was flowing naturally and he looked even more handsome in person.

Yet at that time he was still in a relationship and I was too busy chasing a guy that was not worth any of my time. I would send him a text message from time to time but he and I never had frequent contact to build any type of friendship. Let alone for me to let him know how I really felt about him.
He was the brightest yet the most distant star. I would constantly bother that one friend we had in common with my nonsense. “Bise mi guste!” Almost desperate for someone who never paid me much attention.
After a while I had let it go and my liking became again in silence. For in my silence there would be no rejection. I would once in a while like his pictures on Instagram and Facebook, just to let him know that I was there. But it was okay. I was in a whatever happens, happens mindset. I was no longer going to force a conversation or keep pushing.

Today, a few dates and some great memories along the months later, we meet each other halfway. He came unexpected when my life was just ordinary. The relationship between him and his boyfriend did not work out and somewhere in between all of that I found the courage to cut the dude off that wasn’t worth my time and effort.

He asks me everyday if I ate. Whenever I am with him and he would grab a glass of water he asks me if I want one too. My mom is going to love him, I know that for sure. I rest my head on his chest when in bed just to hear his heart beat. He supports me. He thinks family and friends is important.  He looks beyond my imperfections. He lives for the smallest reasons. He is patient. He is kind. He is accepting. He comes from a family that prays. He set goals. He keeps his word. He stands for loyalty. And he stands for transparency. All of what I am, all of what I want and all of what I stand for as well. We are aligned.
Our bond is not a bond of perfection, but a bond that represents what true love encapsulates: hard work, growth, respect, honor, and fidelity.
I always hoped it would be me and him in the beginning. Now here we are standing in the middle of things.
The universe labored to bring us together. From here on out, the rest is up to us.





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