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by Team Fresku / Stories February 9, 2018

V-Love Stories

A young vibrant 27 year old young professional sharing with us her utmost awkward Valentines Day experience.

When I hear the words “Valentines Day,” I almost panic. It’s a day I profoundly hate because for my whole life I was in bad luck with all of them hearts and candies.  Either because some douchebag broke my heart or I went through an awkward experience that definitely is far away from romantic.

Of course I feel love for my mom, my dog and my Chanel bag. I really do! I even feel love for myself on the right day, which is everyday by the way. Especially when I feed myself a really good snack in front of my 48 inch LED screen while I junk my sorrows away.

But last year Valentines Day was different tho. I had a boyfriend on Valentines Day for a change. He had planned a special day for the two of us including an overnight at Santa Barbara beach resort.
I made sure my legs were hairless, my va- & butt-gina waxed and my lingerie was saying Victoria.

John on his side confirmed our hotel reservation, went shopping for champagne, strawberries, whip cream and trimmed his grass. No candles for us since it’s not the intention to burn down the place nor my lace wig. Shit can get dangerous when swinging on a dick in a small room.

We checked in, had dinner and took a walk along the beach. The connection was there and we couldn’t wait to get to our room.

He sat on the bed and I was moving around being sexy with my hips while undressing for him. Whip cream in one hand and a strawberry between my lips. I was feeling sexy and all I wanted was to hear him scream my name.We decided to use the whip cream as lube to make things glide and taste better. Yet a few minutes into sex I started to feel a very uncomfortable feeling. After a while it turned into a burning sensation. I was happy that he came quickly because it was not pleasant at all.

The next day I was still feeling some discomfort. A few days later I decided to call my doctor and he urged me to come in as soon as possible. Little did I know, our “lets try this kinky thing with whip cream like we had seen in a porn video” caused me a serious yeast infection that needed the attention of antibiotics. BIG MISTAKE!

My relationship with John did not work out by the way. Nobody cheated. He just wasn’t what I had expected him to be. And then to mold him and change him into someone he is not?! I am not about that deal.
One thing is for sure; I am never doing this shit again. Valentine is forever canceled. All them strawberries and whip cream cans can kiss my behind. Chica’s a free tip; anything sweetened, flavored or scented must be kept away from your vagina. Period! Very little of what you see in soft or hardcore pornography is actually true. They might show a woman looking like a desert and being eaten out by a man, but you never see the problems she has afterwards.

Have a safe and lovely Valentines Day. Stay in. Order food. Watch a movie where men cheat on women, cry and stay away from the whip cream.




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