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by Oscar Rosier / Entertainment March 9, 2018


I’ts that time of the week again when around 5 o’clock suits turn into ripped jeans and a t-shirt , pensil skirts are exchanged for sleeveless dresses and high heels.. Put the paper work away and grab your drinking buddy because Fresku has the perfect weekend plans for you.

Orange Grove
They are back on Curaçao and ready to play! Dutch/SXM band Orange Grove and friends starts @ 7pm with an Bright Happy hour! With you toes I the sand, a ice cold beer in your hand and dear friends around you will be the perfect perfect weekend vibes .

Kantadó Mayó
The lead song on curacaos traditional marcha di seu will be chosen at the Kantadó Mayó competition from 19:00 till 23:00 @Festival Center you will see many local performers take the stage and sing their hearts out to take the title home.


On Saturday there is also this year’s Curadoet, last year they helped over 220 organizations with 4500 voluntary workers , and this year we are expecting even more. It’s nothing better that seeing the island coming together and help the ones in need.  You can still find many organisations you can help on the following link https://www.curadoet.com

Shelters Rock
This  Sunday we are going to Banda Bou again but this time for something completely different that cocktails in the sun.  We are going for the delicious home made traditional food at shelters rock Paradise. They are serving a dish that has caught our attention, it’s the  “galiña den coco” …and noo it’s not like your typical chicken stew with coconut in it. They cook the chicken in whole coconuts, and to make it even more amazing it’s cooked under the ground in traditional mud ovens..

Shelter rock paradise
Santa Krus, Curaçao

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