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by Team Fresku / Lifestyle March 19, 2017

Your Horoscope This Week

Ready, set, refresh! Monday marks the spring equinox and the beginning of Aries Season, as the astrological calendar turns to a fresh cosmic cycle. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and we’ll feel the urge to explore, renew, and venture out of our comfort zones now. Bring on the maximalism and uncensored self-expression. Just like those spring blossoms popping up, everything should be bold, bright, and brilliant for the next four weeks. Been making too many sacrifices? “Me first” Aries reminds us of the importance of self-care. Strap on your own oxygen mask so you can be there for others.
We’ll all be quite outspoken during Aries Season — but know your audience. On Friday, messenger Mercury, who is also touring Aries until March 31, clashes with foot-in-mouth Jupiter and domineering Pluto. In an effort to win people to our sides, we could wind up steamrolling them. Keep the manipulative tactics in check, too. If you have to work that hard for something, maybe it isn’t worth having. Hold out for connections that emerge organically. They can show up, quite magically, with the weekend’s enchanting Pisces moon!

March 21 to April 19

Wake up, Ram! It’s your birthday season! With the sun blasting into your sign until April 19, you’ll want to dazzle the world. The past four weeks have been a time for you to take stock on the previous year, and you may have been dragging your statement sneakers when it came to launching projects and making changes you knew were overdue. The heavy vibes evaporate now, giving you the green light to move on from the past. For the coming four weeks, your popularity soars in direct proportion to your originality. Be fearlessly self-expressed. Your trailblazing ways make you an instant fan favorite. Think: bigger, faster, stronger.

With all the moving and shaking the workweek brings, you may need to recover with a little R&R this weekend. Prioritize your beauty rest as the moon chills in Pisces and your sleepy 12th house on Saturday and Sunday. The pace is flowy compared to your usual high-octane speed. Just roll with it. Besides, next Monday will bring the year’s only Aries new moon, meaning that yet another supercharged fresh start is right around the corner. But you want to put your energy toward the right thing, so do some internal reflection over the weekend to make sure you really want what you say you do. If not, this is your chance to take a hard left in a different direction, or even retreat to something you loved but left behind. We’re also a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, which could have sparked a transition in your life. If so, allow yourself to mourn the change and then put it behind you. Closure is an ongoing process, and sometimes you need a minute to dwell. The good news is, with Saturday’s meetup between the fiery sun and magnetic Venus in Aries, you’ll be busy flirting and attracting fresh prospects into your life.

April 20 to May 20

Relax, release, and rejuvenate. On Monday, the sun nestles in Aries and your transitional 12th house. Taurus Season begins a month from now so consider the next four weeks closure time on your annual astrological cycle. What loose ends haven’t you wrapped up? Don’t leave them hanging any longer. Do a thorough closet purge and prune your friend list. (Who was that douche-y guy you added to Snapchat again?) Give your emotional life a once over too. If you’re hanging on to old grudges, extend the olive branch or banish the person’s name from your vocabulary. The more you speak it, the more you invoke them — it’s like casting a bad spell on yourself. Enough! If you can’t seem to release things on your own, work with a therapist or start meditating to bring in some flow. Your creative muse could awaken, helping you transform any emotional baggage into a masterpiece.

This weekend, your activist spirit is awakened by the Pisces moon. Drop the lone wolf act and engage — for a good cause and just ’cause. A local nonprofit might need some support with petitioning or picketing. Cast a wider net when choosing your venues. It’s time to expand your social horizons and that means popping by parties that aren’t packed with people you already know. Push past the initial discomfort, and work the room. Just don’t medicate your social anxiety with too many cocktails. With the sun and social Venus aligned in your hazy 12th house, you could get embarrassingly sloppy or teary — not a good first impression to leave. Tech is also on the forefront for you this weekend. Time for a phone upgrade? Do a software update and make sure all your gadgets are in top form. Are your profiles in need of more polished pics? Get dressed up, find a place with great lighting, snap and represent!

May 21 to June 20

The Stronger Together slogan lives on! (Not that you ever forgot it.) On Monday, the sun blasts into your 11th house of community until April 19, getting you pumped to collaborate. You’ve been hustling like a champ for the past month, even missing out on your happy hours and open mic nights to burn some midnight oil. But a Gemini can only subsist on elbow grease for so long. The next four weeks are all about camaraderie and collaboration. Team up with like-minded souls to start a band or work on a cutting-edge venture. The 11th house rules technology, so maybe it’s a YouTube channel, addictive style blog and Instagram feed, or a must-have app that you develop together. You might even take a coding class to learn some basics of web design or development. And get all your devices up to speed with upgrades and updates before Mercury turns retrograde on April 9!

Despite the lighter load you’re carrying, you still have some career matters to tend to over the weekend. With the moon hunkered down in Pisces and your ambitious 10th house, devote time to playing catch up — and pulling ahead of the pack. Skip the bottomless mimosas and use your down time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile and find some affordable, yet chic, work clothes. Exactly a month ago was the game-changing Pisces solar eclipse and your professional priorities have been on shuffle ever since. With the sun and charming Venus in your networking sector this Saturday, you might combine your social plans with your professional aspirations by mingling with the movers and shakers. A cocktail convo can shift into an impromptu pitch meeting as you wow an influencer into taking you under her wing. Yes, those VIP lounge or charity gala tickets could be worth the splurge.

June 21 to July 22

Put on your climbing gear, Cancer. You’re heading up the ladder this week as the sun blazes into Aries and your 10th house of success until April 19. This solar cycle can catapult your career into the stratosphere, even blessing you with a big time leadership role or an opportunity to be the face of a prominent project. Your goals may be lofty, but that doesn’t mean they’re too “blue sky” to actualize. The key to success lies in delegating instead of trying to do everything by yourself. When you come up for air between missions, lavish a little attention on the guys in your life. This 10th house rules the fellas, making the next four weeks prime time for bonding with the boys.

This weekend, however, remember that saying about best laid plans, Crab? Trying to nail down your itinerary probably won’t do much good. The moon is in Pisces and your adventurous ninth house opening up a window for spontaneity. Wander off the beaten path and away from your usual hangs. You’ll have more fun venturing through a part of town you’ve never explored, taking a day-trip or a full-on Airbnb weekend. This weekend also marks the one-month anniversary of February’s Pisces solar eclipse. Plans to travel, start a business venture, or a new course of study may have emerged under those moonbeams. If so, they’ll get a second wind this weekend. Make the reservations or fill out the applications. It’s time to make those dreams a reality.

July 23 to August 22

Step out of the comfort zone, Leo — and onto new ground. From Monday until April 19, the sun sails through fellow fire sign Aries and your jet-setting ninth house. Sate your wanderlust by planning a trip — preferably to a destination with different customs and dialects than the ones you’re used to. Close to home, diversify your friendship portfolio. Multicultural mingling could lead to everything from a social renaissance to an exciting business or creative collab. Your entrepreneurial urges heat up, too. Is it time to expand your queendom by writing a book or taking on a profitable side hustle? There are no limits to what you can create now — except the ones you impose on yourself. Break free and fly, Leo.

You’ll feel the power of your purr all weekend as the Pisces moon percolates in your erotic eighth house. Lion’s den or Seduction Central? A close encounter could turn into a private party for two or a sexy Snapchatting session that goes on for hours. Light some candles, slip on your sexiest underthings, and hang that “do not disturb” sign. (And maybe get your engines revving with these erotic fantasies that blow Anastasia Steele out of the Red Room.) Some Leos might be ready for a weekend of uninterrupted “me time” to dive into a creative project or catch up on your Netflix queue. One essential, but not so fun task: Get your tax return filed or firm up a time for your CTA to handle that for you before April 15!

August 23 to September 22

Virgo the Vixen is in the house! On Monday, the sun slinks into Aries and your erotic eighth house until April 19. Thou giveth spring fever! But wield your sexy superpowers with care. Run proper background checks before romping with someone you’ve been sexting and if you’re not feeling the relationship vibe, don’t lead a hopeful admirer on. You may not understand the power of your attraction initially, Virgo, but your magnetism will be ultra-strong. This is certainly good news for those of you who want to dive in deeper. By April 19, your “Single Ladies” dance may be a thing of the past — and you might even have a big announcement to share.

The “party of two” vibes get another favorable bump this weekend as the moon drifts through Pisces and your partnership house. Give your favorite plus-ones your undivided attention, setting up individual hangouts, brunches, and wild nights on the town. Have you been a reciprocal party in your closest relationships? This weekend, it’s your turn to pinch-hit for a person who has had your back repeatedly. Sure, you’d rather sleep in and get a pedicure than help her pack up her apartment for her April 1 move. But your absence could weaken an important alliance. If a major commitment is on your mind, you’ll get some much-needed clarity. We’re a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse and it’s time to make a firm decision. Follow your heart but don’t ignore the facts.

September 23 to October 22

Time to come up for air, Libra! If you didn’t have your nose to the grindstone for the past month, you’ve probably found another way to give yourself performance anxiety. So you nailed Standing Bow in the front row at yoga class or beat your record time in sprints. Now, how about relaxing a little and maybe making time for love? From Monday until April 19, the sun floats through your seventh house of relationships. Cupid is back at the helm — just the way your romantic sign likes it. Amorous gestures win your heart during this four-week cycle. Flowers, proposals, scavenger hunts that end in diamond rings — the sappier the idea, the better! Is there a project you haven’t been able to kick off? End the struggle by partnering up with someone with a complementary skill set. Shared victory is still a win!

Roll up your sleeves one more time this weekend. With the Pisces moon nesting in your systematic sixth house, a spring cleaning mission will consume your days off. Organize, sort, and purge old things. With a new moon arriving in your partnership house next Monday, single Libras might even clear out a draw or a few hangers to symbolically create space for a love interest. Besides, you could make a mint selling some of your gently worn couture online. (Hello, festival budget!) Tackle the emotional clutter while you’re at it. Are you staying in a bad romance because nobody better has come along? It’s now officially a month after February’s Pisces solar eclipse and this weekend could bring long-awaited clarity about next steps. For happily coupled Libras, that could very well mean merging your lives in deeper ways.

October 23 to November 21

Order, order! The past month has been heavy on the hedonism (and even the high drama) and you’re starting to burn out. But from Monday to April 19, the sun sweeps through Aries and your house of healthy living. For the next month, wellness and work performance are your major priorities. Make self-care your focus: Think an eight-hour sleep schedule and Greek yogurt. Productivity will follow suit and your boss is sure to notice! Regular workouts help clear away brain fog. Dive into a fun, but challenging, spring training routine — maybe mixing up gentle yoga with some cross-training boot camps. Just remember: A habit requires 21 days to take hold. Stick to your guns but remember that the goal is progress, not perfectionism.

Do allow yourself a “cheat day” this weekend — or think of it more as a round of healthy hedonism. The moon hovers in Pisces and your passionate fifth house and you’re not doing anything (or anyone) halfway. Your zest for adventure — and the colorful tales that go along with it — will make this a memorable weekend. Romantically, take a risk and do things your way. Granted, you’ll need a worthy and equally brave partner to co-star in your love story. Last month’s Pisces solar eclipse may have shed some light on what and who you should be looking for. This weekend, you could start to see a new relationship take hold — or go full-on exclusive with a dating situation that’s ready for the next level.

November 22 to December 21

The step-and-repeat is calling, Sagittarius — are you ready to take your walk of fame? From Monday until April 19, you’ll be lured into the limelight as the Sun blasts through Aries and your fifth house of celebrity, glamour, and romance. Keep yourself Instagram-ready at all times, whether you’re styling a selfie for your own feed or getting snapped by an admiring blogger. Sagittarius performers could land a lucky audition or score thebreakthrough gig over the coming four weeks. Shop your work around! A leadership role is calling back at the office. Don’t be shy about taking charge — and building your royal reputation in the process. Love is in the air, but stop waiting to be wooed. Be candid and up-front with your feelings and don’t be surprised if someone unexpected cops to a longstanding crush. With Venus retrograde until April 15, you might reunite with an old flame or take a nostalgic vacation with your S.O.

This weekend, however, kick off the jeweled heels in favor of your fleece-lined moccasins. With the sun in Pisces, domestic bliss is all you’ll be dreaming of. It’s also a month out from February’s Pisces solar eclipse, which may have brought some dramatic developments with your living situation. Maybe you purchased your first apartment, downsized to a more minimalist lifestyle, or just started thinking about making a change. If you’ve been eyeing the real estate listings wistfully since then, grab a coffee and go check out some potential new homes. Loving where you live? Enjoy a round of spring cleaning and reconfiguring the furniture. And if you do

December 22 to January 19

A little more hibernation…please? The sun hunkers down in Aries and your domestic fourth house from Monday until April 19 and you’re not quite ready to leave the old lair. While you’ll crave more QT with “me, myself, and I,” you don’t have to go into total hermit mode. Ditch the sweats for a flowing maxidress or caftan (so Old Hollywood) and invite BFFs to stop by for wine and cheese or a take out dinner at Chez Capricorn. And if you must wear sweats, at least let them be like this incredible pair. This month-long solar cycle is an ideal time to reconnect with your family or to strengthen any frayed ties with your friend circle. Emotionally, this will help you find any closure you’re missing.

Breaking news from Capricorn Central! With the moon in Pisces and your communication sector all weekend, you’re sending out more signals than a satellite tower. Use your gift of gab to your advantage, but watch what flies out of your mouth! In your zest to connect, you might end up promising more than you can deliver. It’s perfectly fine to explore potential collaborations. But set up a lunch date or conference call to discuss details so your mouth doesn’t write a check your ass can’t cash. Synergies abound under these cooperative skies — perhaps with someone you met a month ago during the Pisces solar eclipse. Test the waters with a smaller, short-term project or, if it’s in the love arena, an actual date!

January 20 to February 18

Ready to be a specialist in local know-how? With the sun cruising through Aries and your house of hometown happenings from Monday until April 19, you could soon be the cultural concierge of your ‘hood. Dabble in the neighborhood scene, sampling all the studios and sitting in on community action meetings. You’ll quickly find your place and your peeps. You may want to warn your squad that you’re in a wandering mood at the moment. That way, they won’t be disappointed when you leave them (albeit temporarily) for your latest adventure. A relationship with a sibling, neighbor, or new squad member will strengthen with just a little effort right now. Pick a couple key relationships and put in the effort to nurture them with quality time.

This weekend, the moon slips into Pisces and your practical second house. Hark, the call of duty sounds! Your attention may shift to money matters, which, alas, means no splurging on big ticket holidays until your books are balanced. Use the weekend to polish up your résumé, finish your taxes, and even cruise LinkedIn for any opportunities. Or, just play catch up on assignments you blew off last week. Doing boring tasks could feel like drone work, but you can still have fun in the process. Invite a friend to tag along on an IKEA run or listen to podcasts while you Konmari your winter and spring clothes. It will feel so good to bring some order to your court.

February 19 to March 20

Pack away the party supplies, Pisces, and pour out the flat champagne. Your birthday season comes to a close this Monday (sniff) as the sun leaves your sign and floats into Aries until April 19. After an invigorating four weeks, you’ll be grateful to relax into this more chilled out groove. Practical matters like paying the bills and doing your taxes demand your attention. If you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, circulate your resume! A bright opportunity could appear, even within your existing 9-5, over the next four weeks. During Pisces Season, you may have even dreamed up an idea for a side hustle. Roll up your sleeves. You could turn your daydreams into some serious cash flow!

This weekend marks the one-month anniversary of the Pisces solar eclipse. What felt like Extreme Makeover: Pisces Edition in late February could now feel more like a natural step in the right direction. Your life has been undergoing a major reinvention since then — really, for the last two years. This weekend, stop looking to other people to co-sign on your dreams. It’s time to claim your life direction and write your own script. You might even start planning a solo vacation as a symbolic declaration of independence and a means of connecting even more deeply to yourself. Don’t let a friend hog up every hour of your downtime this weekend. You need to be free to flow at your own pace — and blow where the wind takes you!


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