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by Team Fresku / Helpdesk August 30, 2016


Dear Fresku,
I recently became friends with my ex his best friend. We hang out a lot lately and I think I am starting to like him. Wouldn’t that be wrong to date your ex his best friend? And what is more important in this case, their friendship or our relationship? What should I do?

xx Nicole

Dear Nicole,

It looks like you are in a situation here! And we do understand that this is a difficult one. But did you stop and ask yourself what it is that YOU would like to do? Other than what your ex boyfriend and the world would think of you?

Maybe you have a huge fear of being judged and feeling ashamed. You shouldn’t! If two people connect with one another with love as their foundation, why should one be ashamed and afraid to be judged?

If it didn’t work out with your ex boyfriend it was because it was meant to work out with someone else. And who knows, that “someone else” might be your ex his best friend.

In our opinion you should try to enjoy the relationship the two of you have created. When the both of you are ready to go public you will do so. In the meanwhile enjoy one another without putting your focus and energy on what other people would think. Relationships happen, thats life!

And hey, you never know… Maybe your ex boyfriend will surprise you with a positive reaction when he finds out. He might even be happy for the both of you. You never know…

Good luck with love Nicole



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PS: Names has been changed to protect identity

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